Since this network was created exclusively for hoteliers, our system can be adapted both for personal and corporative use. With the freedom of choice of the parties involved always in mind, these are some of the extra benefits that MyHotelYourHotel is able to offer you:

A HR Tool

MyHotelYourHotel can become a very powerful tool if you use it as a bonus for your employees since you will be able to:

- Use it as an incentive to obtain and retain employees without suffering an impact on your expenses.

- Encourage an adequate performance of the employees by adding the benefits of MyHotelYourHotel to the plans for annual bonuses.

- Contribute to a better administrative efficacy. Since the other goals will be reached, the administrative department will improve its efficiency.

- Lower the expenses in those cases in which the sales managers need to travel on business.

A Commercial Tool

- Create a community with similar locations and hotel categories using a direct connection with the owners and managers and apply it in reciprocal Commercial Pans. Discounts, integrated packages, free stays, among others.

- - Take advantage of MyHotelYourHotel to create strategic alliances and to add value to your relationship with your most important customers!

- Searches, help with providers, cooperation agreements and personal exchanges are some of the benefits you will be able to enjoy with MyHotelYourHotel membership.

- With MyHotelYourHotel a vacant room can become the key to lower your expenses when paying for services, or giving gifts to friends, family, traveling or for commercial relationships.

- Take advantage of our international aggressive promotion campaign in different social networks to promote your hotel. This is a free service that we provide to those hotels that request it.

-Obtain important discounts in the development of your website and/or graphic and digital advertising campaigns.


How many times can I access an exchange?

- Your membership lasts for 1 year. During that year, you will be able to access to unlimited exchanges, as many times as you want. In addition, this benefit can be transferred over to whoever you decide.

I manage a chain of hotels. Do I need to pay for each of them when I sign them up?

- YES, the registration of each hotel is individual. MyHotelYourHotel provides important benefits to those who add more than 3 hotels. Ask us about our benefits!

I own a 3* hotel, can I exchange stays with a hotel of a higher category?

- You will be able to exchange stays with hotels of any category as long as you haven't listed the category of your choice among the restricted ones. There are plenty of choices !!

I own a cabin complex that can accommodate between 4 to 8 people. How can I carry out a fair exchange with a hotel with rooms that only accommodate for 2 people?

- The kind of exchange is arranged personally among the hoteliers. This kind of situations can be arranged in private. It is possible to provide a larger stay to make up for the space, for example.

What if the person that used my services through the exchange did not use my facilities in a proper manner?

-MyhotelYourhotel gives its members the possibility of posting their experiences online. These will be public and all members will be able to see them. If the problems caused were intentional or a result of abuse, MyhotelYourhotel may cancel the account of such member.

How can I make sure that when I get to the hotel my reservation will be made?

- The exchange is a payment method. You can demand the confirmation of your reservation.

Enrolling in MyhotelYourhotel is very easy, you just need to complete our sign up form.

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